Embassy Commemorates the 247 th  Anniversary of U.S. Independence

today07/07/2023 43

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On Thursday, July 6, Ambassador Joey Hood and his wife, Anne Francoise Lompo, hosted the embassy’s annual Independence Day reception, welcoming Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar, Finance Minister Sihem Boughediri Nemsia and many other Tunisian and international friends and partners from all sectors of society.

During an evening celebrating American jazz music and commemorating the 80 th  anniversary of the Allies’ victory in World War II, Ambassador Hood highlighted the power of jazz as a symbol of diversity and freedom, emphasizing that “America is inconceivable without diversity. It’s defined by it. I’m convinced that diversity also defines the Tunisian nation. It’s reflected in your language, and in the immense variety of your and traditions. Since ancient times, Tunisia has been a melting pot for those who came here peacefully or otherwise, a place of religious coexistence and openness.”

Speaking of the long-standing relationship between the United States and Tunisia, Ambassador Hood said, “As we celebrate our Independence Day, I’d like to note that while we were the first great power to recognize Tunisia’s independence in 1956, our relations actually go back to 1799, when we concluded our first treaty of friendship and trade. Our relations are strong today and I am sure they will continue to be strong for years to come.”


Écrit par: Asma Mouaddeb